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A Tribute to John Rees, Nant y Gwyrddail


It is with great sadness and a sense of shock that I note John’s passing on 29th February 2016.  John was a good friend who always offered a helping hand when needed.  I came to know him in the first instance as a cattle handler at Dolgellau market in the company of my father who was familiar with John’s own father, Wmffre Nant y Gwyrddail.  John was a pillar of Dolgellau market over the years, sorting and loading the animals with great care and ease.

Our Society, the Ancient Cattle of Wales, was a very important part of John’s life.  He was one of the original members back in the eighties.  When I joined ACW he was both Chairman and Treasurer and he was always well prepared for all the meetings.

As the current Chairman I find preparing this short tribute an arduous task as I feel his loss deeply. In John’s passing the officials’ table will have an empty seat again at this year’s AGM.  We missed John at last year’s AGM in September due to his illness.  I’m sure that it would have been the first ACW meeting John ever missed.

Losing John leaves ACW with a stout pair of boots to fill.  However, our thoughts go out to his partner Marian who is grieving for her gentle John.  We wish her well.  Good memories remain of a kind heart that did his best in all aspects of his life.

Geraint Jones Lewis

Chairman, ACW

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