Cattle for sale

November 2019

Herd reduction sale: Welsh white and belted cattle.  Please contact Mike Lewis through the society email.











Ancient Cattle of Wales on “Ffermio”, S4C

June 2019

At the end of May, Gareth and Sian Ioan showed off their herd of coloured Welsh cattle on S4C’s “Ffermio” programme. In glorious spring sunshine, they responded to the suggestion made by Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Price, that native breeds are an efficient way for farmers to face a post-Brexit future. They described how the cattle are well-adapted to the Welsh environment, requiring few extra inputs and, thus, being very economical to keep. Bernard Llewellyn’s long-horned cattle in Carmarthenshire were also featured, resulting in half of the programme being dedicated to native breeds being the way forward!

PONT’s “Grazer of the Week”

24 May 2019

Wales’ grazing and conservation organisation, PONT (Pori Natur a Threftadaeth), has a “Grazer of the Week”, and we are pleased to see that this week’s grazer is Gwydion, a Welsh White steer, owned by the Woodland Trust. He and his bovine colleagues work hard grazing sites around South Wales, helping to protect rare plants and animals. See for further details.

Winter 2018 newsletter

The Winter 2018 newsletter is available here.