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Belted Welsh Cattle appear in Dutch Book

Belted Welsh Cattle appear in Dutch Book

A beautiful book has been produced in The Netherlands, exploring all aspects of their native, belted cattle, the Lakenfelder. Published by Roodbont Agricultural Publishers, and entitled “De Lakenfelder: niet uit het veld te slaan”, the book seems to cover everything from the genetics of black- and red-belted animals to a recipe for Stroganoff! It is […]

Cattle farmers should Belt up

DUFF HART-DAVIS – The Independent, Saturday 6 August 1994 EVERYBODY has heard of a belted earl, and a few lucky observers have even set eyes on one. But how many have seen that creature of equally ancient lineage, the Belted Welsh cow? Until this week I had never come across such a beast – and […]

Farmers Act to Save Rare Cattle

From the “Western Mail” 8th June 1981