Conserving and promoting colour varieties of the old traditional Welsh cattle

General Breed Standard

General Appearance

A hardy, medium sized animal. Long and reasonably deep. Sound frame with straight top-line throughout.

Head and Horns

Head of medium length with broad forehead and good depth through jaw. Large placid eyes. Somewhat large ears, covered in soft hair. Well spread and level horns.


Well set neck with a clean throat. Dewlap acceptable in bulls and older females.


Not overly prominent and fitting well to body over straight forelegs.


Robust body, well boned with good depth and well sprung ribs. Tail-head not prominent.

Thighs, Hind Legs & Feet

Moderately broad thighs to hocks. Well boned. Hocks well apart. Hind legs straight from hocks to pastern. Feet sound.


Compact udder, well carried with moderately sized teats placed well apart.

Skin and coat

Moderately thick but malleable skin. Good cover of soft, thick and fairly long hair.


Six colour varieties are registered:

  •  White with black (or red) points.
  • Black (or any other colour) with white belt between shoulder and thigh.
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Smokey / Mouse
  • Line back – any colour with white line from nape, along top-line, tail and underside.

Note: The above colours are ideal and individual beasts with colour variations of the above or incomplete features will be eligible to be registered if of a true type. For example, white animals with coloured points may well have certain mottled characteristics, belts and line-back markings may be partial. Whilst not ideal, such cattle can nevertheless be registered by ACW. Black offspring of coloured cattle may also be registered in the first and second generation in order to ensure continuity of pedigree.

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