Conserving and promoting colour varieties of the old traditional Welsh cattle

Welcome to the Ancient Cattle of Wales Breed Society

The Ancient Cattle of Wales Breed Society aims to preserve and promote the colour varieties of original Welsh cattle.

Welsh cattle used to come in many colours – white, red, blue and belted, as well as black. Particular colours tended to be more popular in certain areas.

Having been overlooked by most people for generations, they continued to be bred in a few remote hill farms in mid Wales where they were appreciated for their hardiness and suitability for the harsh conditions.

Today, these historic and beautiful animals are making a come-back, supported by the Ancient Cattle of Wales breed society which was established in 1981.

Come and meet Wales’ original cattle.

In these pages, you can:

  • Find out more about our colourful cattle
  • Learn about the work of the Ancient Cattle of Wales breed society
  • Catch up with our latest news
  • Meet us at events and shows
  • Explore our cattle’s rich history
  • View our gallery of beautiful cattle

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The Legend of Llyn y Fan

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